A kind of bag only women can understand

Tote Bag Chinese transliteration “tote bag”, whose origins date back to the 17th century original, the final outbreak of epidemic in the 20th century. In English, Tote originally a verb meaning “to carry”, literally, is to use something heavier hand. Later, Tote evolved into a noun, which means that a bag package, generally refers to the capacity of the larger bag.

At first, the women go out with a bag to hold things like food, so more Tote Bag nylon, canvas and other materials made of, and later developed into luxury leather goods, leather using only become popular. 2015 spring and summer, the Hong Kong fashion brand LETABOU heavy launch exclusive original star product LETABOU Tote Bag, that is all leather build, to attain quality workmanship, more trendy.

LETABOU brand design director, the famous French designer Laurent Vigneron decade or study Chinese culture, well versed in Chinese women’s fashion psychology. Talking LETABOU Tote Bag is designed, Laurent said package in Europe and America to open more, almost no inner bag rugged design mainly reserved style is not suitable for Asian women. After the fall as children put everything into the bag, to search through the whole bag to find a key or will a pack of paper towels gadgets, when this situation occurs it will seem awkward and helpless, and even affect mood. LETABOU Tote Bag closed design, optimization plus inside the compartment, just so that all items have their places, to restore a well-organized interior space.

Ladies queuing up to buy Hermes bags

Hermes is the most aristocratic style of the brand, with a Hermes Platinum package is every woman’s dream, is a status symbol of wealth. However, money can not buy platinum package. Whether show off their wealth and the Red Mei-US or Taiwan ladies Sun Yun-yun, or Victoria Beckham, Hermes is a big fan.

In 1956, pregnant Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) Princess, in order to hide the growing belly bulge, buy the largest size Hermes bag (then still called the Kelly Bag), this detail is captured American magazine “Life” , which was published on the cover of Princess Grace Kelly, which took a large size crocodile leather bag, leaving it pregnant body pictures, showing generous and elegant style. This memorable photo. Hermes set off a wave, and from which bags will be renamed Kelly, and be famous in the world

Hermes Platinum package Platinum package famous Hermes handbag money “Birkin” bag (Hermes Birkin) is named after the French star Jane Birkin. 1986 listing of the Hermes “Birkin” bag (Hermes Birkin) is the fifth president of Hermes-inspired design and French actress Jane Birkin encounter in a trip generated by the larger size, more casual free and easy.

Bag turns black after having been used for 100 days

“Obviously the bag itself, return business even collect huge depreciation charges!” A few months ago, Changsha friends painted lady Pinghetang mall, spent 2098 yuan bought a “Meiji” leather handbags. But using less than a month, she found the bag surface of the cortex become “black.” This business called “darkening” is a normal phenomenon, customers insist that the return will be charged 1,500 yuan depreciation.

According to Miss James, this year May 16, she Pinghetang department stores Wuyi Road “Meiji” leather counter, spent 2098 yuan bought a red-orange leather handbags, fabric for the “first layer of the first layer of cow leather and sheep leather”. After about one month of the package, she found the front leather bag became “black”, and then to consult with the store counter, the salesperson said, “This is a normal phenomenon, leather bag darker color will be a period of time, on schedule care enough. ”

Thereafter, every half painted lady will go to the counter with a bag maintenance. But a few months later, she found that the package does not become just a positive, “black”, elsewhere bags have become “black”, and the colors constantly deepened, compared with unsold paragraph bags, two by color has a significant gap. Miss James was very concerned about this, “was originally a brightly colored bag, a few months before it becomes a Heibuliuqiu. It’s not a bag of leather, dyeing process is the question!”

Gucci 90 anniversary special edition bag

gucci, is an Italian fashion brand by Leo Gucci Gucci was founded in 1921 in Florence. Gucci products include fashion, leather goods, shoes, watches, neckties, scarves, perfumes, household goods and pet supplies, the Chinese translation Gucci, Gucci.

Gucci has always been high-end fashion brands, luxury, sexy and famous, as “a symbol of status and wealth,” Brand become rich consumer darling of high society, the business community has always been favored, while yet elegant fashion. Gucci is now Italy’s largest fashion groups. To celebrate the 90th anniversary of the creation of gucci, gucci design a special edition series of bags, Xiao Bian take you to look at.

Dark green hand-graded diamond checkered leather bag, with dark green gradient handmade leather trim light gold hardware double handles double zip closure with lock bottom feet inside zip with metal gucci crest zipper, cell phone and pda pockets, green cotton linen lining.

Cherry red alligator purse package, with cherry red gradient handmade leather trim / inside compartments, gold accessories around zip closure twelve card slots and three bill compartments zip coin pocket.

Mud yellow alligator pale gold accessories bag, adjustable shoulder strap 8.3 inches, 17.7 inches removable shoulder strap snaps, inside zip, cell phone and pda pockets.

How to choose the best calf leather furniture

The so-called first layer of skin, the dermis is in fact a kind, there is a second layer of skin is the dermis. Although leather is from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animal raw skin peeled off, after tanneries tanning process, made of various characteristics, strength, feel, color, pattern leather material, but there are big differences between the first layer and the second layer of skin.

Is the first layer of skin with a grain of cattle, sheep, pig, etc., have a natural leather muscle and blood marks and other scars, occasional stab wounds during processing and utilization of low belly parts, imported the first layer there are number of cattle leather mark. Full-grain cowhide with more types of dough, in addition to sheep, wild boar skin, crocodile skin. After animal skins epilation cut each into two layers, the upper portion of the fiber is organized into various first layer, two-story part of the loose fibrous tissue can be made of split leather. First layer and second layer of skin from the surface to see no difference, from the point of view of both the experts feel a difference. First layer of skin wear will not peel, split leather wear will peel.

Because the first layer of skin has a thin, dense layer of fibrous layer and its closely connected together over a little loose, it has good strength, elasticity and plasticity processes, etc., can be made of high-grade leather products.

Leather handbags: showing off the new look in simplicity

Simple, casual, freedom of consumers to pursue a way of life, the current handbag overall design style is fit the needs of the people of this – overall design more generous silhouette, simple, not too much decoration, and even the use of a piece leather “coherent.”

International brands Dior launched the season series portable handbags, through full gray, steady lead green and clean bright ivory, quality calfskin and clean lines set off the metal zipper design, elegant simplicity, showing a restrained, neutral style, interpretation of the Dior fashion to lead the high-end handbags qualities.

Beach brand new autumn and winter Yuzhu bag products, but also reflect the “keep things simple” design concept, the introduction of clean lines and elegant rectangular handbag, both dressed in suits business meetings, fashion dress banquet party, or weekday leisure shopping, bring it exudes a simple, free atmosphere.

Minimalist trend style, simple exterior design, and not the slightest weakening of the utility function. By strengthening designers more detailed hierarchical classification design, emphasizing the inner packet classification storage function. Po are introduced this season leather women shoulder bag, modeling cater stylish minimalist design, inside emphasis on functional, practical and user-friendly design, the bag is provided documents bit, bit cell phone, wallet bit, mobile power bits and debris bits, etc., also designed a zipper pocket for storing items of privacy by design will make the lady multiple intervals trivial items placed in order.

Teach you how to clean leather bags at home

Continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the more the pursuit of quality of material life. Leather has become an indispensable daily necessities, of course, the taste and quality of the package is also increasing. Designer handbags become a popular favorite. But the package is dirty, a lot of people do not know how to deal with, no start. Xiaobian to introduce several home yourself can easily wash bag small coup, never to the bag is dirty, do not know how to deal with and worry about.

Piles of oil on the bag if your bag is dark, you can use detergent to clean, direct pour the right amount of detergent pollution, and then stained with water or soft texture of the brush gently brush brushing, be careful not to be too hard, so as not to scrape the color and leather purses surface scratch. Gently scrub the oil at, until out of sight, then washed with water to clean the line.

Ballpoint pen handwriting appears on the bag, the handwriting lightly coated with concentration up to 95% alcohol or coated with egg white, leave it in the bag surface about five minutes, gently wipe clean with water on the line. There is often a bag with different colors to meet the different needs of the consumer, when you have a color too dark bag, always use a long time, will fade situation will occur, we can put the brine soak a minute or so, then rinse and clean it.

Exclusively Limited Collections from Michael Kors

On April 11, 2016, Hong Kong – Michael Kors together the world’s leading luxury travel retailer DFS’s T square, in April this year launched an exclusive Michael Kors limited selection of series. Contains handbags, watches and jewelry sets a series of limited edition fine accessories, are inspired by travel enthusiasts. This series will be available for sale in the heart of Auckland, Bali, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore DFS’s T square.

“DFS This can work Michael Kors, Exclusively for our customers this limited selection of series and two popular travel and fashion elements into one, and we’re very excited.” DFS Group, fashion, food and gifts Isabelle Fevrier, executive vice president, said, “whether consumers visiting Hawaii or Hong Kong shop, we firmly believe that, when they travel to explore the high-end lifestyle will love this series.”

The series includes a limited selection of leather handbag chain The Jet Set Messenger as well as gold and rose gold Two-Tone watch and necklace sets, the price of about HK $ 2,700 to HK $ 2,800 million.

The Jet Set Messenger bag: the pursuit of the trend of women, this bag has plenty of storage space given is their first choice. Chain shoulder belt, and more inside of the bag and stylish design can allow carriers to easily manage commuting, appointments, and other occasions. This bag is available in three season valuables show featuring pastel colors.

Michael Kors 2016 early autumn series

Wake-up indigo tone heart of Malibu Beach and the infinite blue ocean reveries. Classic pleated collision tannins, Enchanting; cowboy applied sailor pants, shirt dress, personality self. Slim jacket with fine cut fine cut navy coat due to light if a feather cotton cloth and revitalized. Gown and dresses trimmed with ruffles, interesting Plaid and floral patterns, will give the West Coast casual fine aesthetics. Lazy lacing straw sandals quiet comfortable, and clothing side by side.

Michael Kors Collection Release 2016 women’s early autumn series, based on the mix and match modern fashion, into the practical design of romanticism, the collision with the male female romantic charm whims inclusive spark.

Michael Kors Collection in early autumn series, hollow and gentle lace intertwined, creating quiet lazy style dresses. Silk dress series decorate dawn and night, filling goddess style. Soft and comfortable dress skirts Smart and elegant, creating amorous gestures between. Slim short coat jacket and trousers with a neat, full of neutral charm. Sheer skirt swaying, write early autumn romance.

In terms of design, Michael Kors Collection series early autumn flowers everywhere chic silhouette with charming diamond embroidery details at. Delicate feathers and natural flowers accessories, gift exquisite detail romantic beauty. In this season, by redefining classic black and white geometric elements, filling the modern fashion.

MICHAEL KORS has opened another new store in london

Michael Kors is pleased to announce its largest European flagship store opened. Flagship store is located in London’s prestigious Regent Street a landmark, a new design concept will be history and modern design to the extreme interpretation. Elegant, historical significance of the building exterior elegant fusion of modern interiors, always show the brand aesthetic charm.

The newly designed Regent Street flagship store interpretation of the evolution of the Michael Kors store design aesthetic. Well-designed retro limestone “T-shaped table,” from the entrance to the shop throughout the stores. Dark ebony laying the shop floor, with a brushed stainless steel display racks, Venetian-style wallpaper and Calacutta marble countertops. The shop in order to warm brown and gray tones, warm wood blend, texture finishes, the luxury brand of charm and echoes, creating a modern and warm atmosphere, customers can browse, shop, and enjoy a unique style of the brand personality service.

“The world famous London fashion have given me endless inspiration”, Michael Mr. Kors said, “I am Michael Kors able to open a new flagship store in Regent Street are very excited that this store will showcase the brand line of products lead guests into the world of Michael Kors. ”

Regent Street flagship store a total of three, Michael Kors series across the board for all products on sale. A total of 16,275 square-foot store, you can see the unique personalized design elements, the regional division of clear, unique.

Shop floor display Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors series series, including handbags, small leather goods, watches, jewelry, eyewear and jewelry; first floor two independent halls were sold footwear boutique brand’s two series. In the soft light, clear plexiglass hanging ladder to the first floor and second floor, communicating, adjacent to the wall shows the Michael Kors Collection handbags. Customers can choose the shop floor clothing line, Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors clothing series each have independent furnished areas and a dedicated dressing room.