Bag turns black after having been used for 100 days

“Obviously the bag itself, return business even collect huge depreciation charges!” A few months ago, Changsha friends painted lady Pinghetang mall, spent 2098 yuan bought a “Meiji” leather handbags. But using less than a month, she found the bag surface of the cortex become “black.” This business called “darkening” is a normal phenomenon, customers insist that the return will be charged 1,500 yuan depreciation.

According to Miss James, this year May 16, she Pinghetang department stores Wuyi Road “Meiji” leather counter, spent 2098 yuan bought a red-orange leather handbags, fabric for the “first layer of the first layer of cow leather and sheep leather”. After about one month of the package, she found the front leather bag became “black”, and then to consult with the store counter, the salesperson said, “This is a normal phenomenon, leather bag darker color will be a period of time, on schedule care enough. ”

Thereafter, every half painted lady will go to the counter with a bag maintenance. But a few months later, she found that the package does not become just a positive, “black”, elsewhere bags have become “black”, and the colors constantly deepened, compared with unsold paragraph bags, two by color has a significant gap. Miss James was very concerned about this, “was originally a brightly colored bag, a few months before it becomes a Heibuliuqiu. It’s not a bag of leather, dyeing process is the question!”

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