MICHAEL KORS has opened another new store in london

Michael Kors is pleased to announce its largest European flagship store opened. Flagship store is located in London’s prestigious Regent Street a landmark, a new design concept will be history and modern design to the extreme interpretation. Elegant, historical significance of the building exterior elegant fusion of modern interiors, always show the brand aesthetic charm.

The newly designed Regent Street flagship store interpretation of the evolution of the Michael Kors store design aesthetic. Well-designed retro limestone “T-shaped table,” from the entrance to the shop throughout the stores. Dark ebony laying the shop floor, with a brushed stainless steel display racks, Venetian-style wallpaper and Calacutta marble countertops. The shop in order to warm brown and gray tones, warm wood blend, texture finishes, the luxury brand of charm and echoes, creating a modern and warm atmosphere, customers can browse, shop, and enjoy a unique style of the brand personality service.

“The world famous London fashion have given me endless inspiration”, Michael Mr. Kors said, “I am Michael Kors able to open a new flagship store in Regent Street are very excited that this store will showcase the brand line of products lead guests into the world of Michael Kors. ”

Regent Street flagship store a total of three, Michael Kors series across the board for all products on sale. A total of 16,275 square-foot store, you can see the unique personalized design elements, the regional division of clear, unique.

Shop floor display Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors series series, including handbags, small leather goods, watches, jewelry, eyewear and jewelry; first floor two independent halls were sold footwear boutique brand’s two series. In the soft light, clear plexiglass hanging ladder to the first floor and second floor, communicating, adjacent to the wall shows the Michael Kors Collection handbags. Customers can choose the shop floor clothing line, Michael Kors Collection and MICHAEL Michael Kors clothing series each have independent furnished areas and a dedicated dressing room.

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