A kind of bag only women can understand

Tote Bag Chinese transliteration “tote bag”, whose origins date back to the 17th century original, the final outbreak of epidemic in the 20th century. In English, Tote originally a verb meaning “to carry”, literally, is to use something heavier hand. Later, Tote evolved into a noun, which means that a bag package, generally refers to the capacity of the larger bag.

At first, the women go out with a bag to hold things like food, so more Tote Bag nylon, canvas and other materials made of, and later developed into luxury leather goods, leather using only become popular. 2015 spring and summer, the Hong Kong fashion brand LETABOU heavy launch exclusive original star product LETABOU Tote Bag, that is all leather build, to attain quality workmanship, more trendy.

LETABOU brand design director, the famous French designer Laurent Vigneron decade or study Chinese culture, well versed in Chinese women’s fashion psychology. Talking LETABOU Tote Bag is designed, Laurent said package in Europe and America to open more, almost no inner bag rugged design mainly reserved style is not suitable for Asian women. After the fall as children put everything into the bag, to search through the whole bag to find a key or will a pack of paper towels gadgets, when this situation occurs it will seem awkward and helpless, and even affect mood. LETABOU Tote Bag closed design, optimization plus inside the compartment, just so that all items have their places, to restore a well-organized interior space.

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