Leather handbags: showing off the new look in simplicity

Simple, casual, freedom of consumers to pursue a way of life, the current handbag overall design style is fit the needs of the people of this – overall design more generous silhouette, simple, not too much decoration, and even the use of a piece leather “coherent.”

International brands Dior launched the season series portable handbags, through full gray, steady lead green and clean bright ivory, quality calfskin and clean lines set off the metal zipper design, elegant simplicity, showing a restrained, neutral style, interpretation of the Dior fashion to lead the high-end handbags qualities.

Beach brand new autumn and winter Yuzhu bag products, but also reflect the “keep things simple” design concept, the introduction of clean lines and elegant rectangular handbag, both dressed in suits business meetings, fashion dress banquet party, or weekday leisure shopping, bring it exudes a simple, free atmosphere.

Minimalist trend style, simple exterior design, and not the slightest weakening of the utility function. By strengthening designers more detailed hierarchical classification design, emphasizing the inner packet classification storage function. Po are introduced this season leather women shoulder bag, modeling cater stylish minimalist design, inside emphasis on functional, practical and user-friendly design, the bag is provided documents bit, bit cell phone, wallet bit, mobile power bits and debris bits, etc., also designed a zipper pocket for storing items of privacy by design will make the lady multiple intervals trivial items placed in order.

Michael Kors watches combines luxury fashion design and technology

Smart watch wave continues to spread, the US designer Michael Kors also issued a new smart watch Michael Kors Access series, combining luxury fashion style design and technologies, and Google’s Android Wear? Operating system, support both iPhone and Android phones, to personalize the experience of everyday life, but also with the needs and importance of information life followed closely.

This series presented on the screen conversion selection function watch, and change its color screen display, face plate switch the display amounted to hundreds of options. Its touch face plate design, provide, including social media, SMS, instant messaging and email notifications, and the use of urban App notification messages, Google Instant feature and built-in tracking health management, but also the appearance of leather and replaceable silicone strap options .

This new series has, through the famous American singer and model Martha Hunt to join Zendaya shot Michael Kors Access videos, fashion show & Accessories will be integrated into the daily life of women and modern conveniences.

4 bags with different colours were bought in summer

Want bags is the key element in the United States and the United States this summer, the street alone beautiful clothes naturally is not enough to choose a sophisticated and eye-catching. From the year’s most popular crystal powder, quiet blue, the fresh white and gorgeous rainbow …… more brands to “curry favor” female audience have launched a colorful section of the package, it is hard to resist. Want simple and elegant dress appears to have spirit, with a bright pink color handbag can; want to print dress more attractive, highly saturated color lines bag most of the board; even the hot season tannins money on clothing with color bag is also more exciting. How, the beauty of the posters do not hurry to start a Girl?

The rise of the minimalist white pinnacle. Clean, simple, pure, a white bag can easily Hold live all four seasons dress. With black pants, you can not be a classic; with a white dress is refreshing doubled. The only caution is that easy to dirty white handbag without staining, girls, always ready “with their lives to protect” Your white handbag!

The warm red clothes to wear body may be too high Q, or take a look at how the influx of people love red poured it in the bag. Whether more than usual low-key, as long as a red handbag can ensure that you are more eye-catching, more sexy, more fashionable. If you want to increase the mature charm, simply select only a simple type of handbags, revel in the natural flavor of this woman. In addition to being blooming red, burgundy retro, vibrant orange is a popular color in spring and summer.

It is cold blue color clean and comfortable, always frequent street shooting. Light blue bag elegant free and comfortable as the sky; navy blue bags added a touch of dazzling charm; and denim blue bag not only wild whims more playful. Summer can also try blue packet with a white dress, do a beautiful goddess.

“Fast fashion” sweeps across the world

In recent years, the rise of an increasingly fashion bags with “fast, new variety” as the main features of the “fast fashion” style, this trend fast sweeping the world, and the rapid rise in the country, led the domestic fashion trend . Colorful life Pijuxiangbao fast fashion brand always follow seasonal fashion, new to the store very quickly, changing the window display frequency is about one and a half months.

Today’s “fast fashion” era of fast food and “seeking speed” exactly the same characteristics. Product updates quickly, so that the pursuit of fashion crowd rush. The colorful life as a Chinese leather industry to join the fashion brand bags, always chasing the international fashion trend. To bring you the latest in cloth bags of information, it is also always concerned about the trend of world development.

Colorful life as a fast fashion brand bags. We must be the first time to bring consumers the latest and hottest information. Unable to instantly store for consumers, network platform can compensate for this, the official website of the official micro-channel platform and can make life colorful love colorful life of consumers to receive our global forefront of fashion fashion information gathered for the first time , never backward.

Colorful life in the future will make full use of the Internet across geographies, vast amounts of information, massive user advantages, while customer resources to fully tap the line, and the seamless integration of the store network platform, to achieve human-computer interaction, and the family of online shopping store consumers embrace the bosom, and marketing zero dead. I believe this can greatly save the time and cost of consumer shopping, to provide more quality products and services.