How to choose the best calf leather furniture

The so-called first layer of skin, the dermis is in fact a kind, there is a second layer of skin is the dermis. Although leather is from cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, deer or some other animal raw skin peeled off, after tanneries tanning process, made of various characteristics, strength, feel, color, pattern leather material, but there are big differences between the first layer and the second layer of skin.

Is the first layer of skin with a grain of cattle, sheep, pig, etc., have a natural leather muscle and blood marks and other scars, occasional stab wounds during processing and utilization of low belly parts, imported the first layer there are number of cattle leather mark. Full-grain cowhide with more types of dough, in addition to sheep, wild boar skin, crocodile skin. After animal skins epilation cut each into two layers, the upper portion of the fiber is organized into various first layer, two-story part of the loose fibrous tissue can be made of split leather. First layer and second layer of skin from the surface to see no difference, from the point of view of both the experts feel a difference. First layer of skin wear will not peel, split leather wear will peel.

Because the first layer of skin has a thin, dense layer of fibrous layer and its closely connected together over a little loose, it has good strength, elasticity and plasticity processes, etc., can be made of high-grade leather products.

Michael Kors local stores needs to be updated

Michael Kors net profit decline has been going on for a long time, but the latest quarterly financial results, Michael Kors embarrassment more serious.

From Michael Kors Group released financial results, ended July 2, 2016 the group released the fiscal 2017 first quarter results, Michael Kors Group’s net profit fell by 15.7% over last year, only $ 147 million, was recorded in addition to retail net sales rose 7.6%, the Michael Kors other sales for the quarter were down data, including year-store sales fell 7.4 percent, less than analysts expected.

Light extravagance was once the darling of Wall Street’s eyes, however, is not only Michael Kors, or the United States, another light luxury brand Kate Spade, recent financial performance are poor, in addition to highlighting the outside light luxury foam, retailing has become a drag on its upgrade lag another factor performance.

Time to return two years ago, that time, when Michael Kors announced 2013 annual earnings report, the luxury fashion circles and circles, as the Michael Kors is “Public Enemies.” You know, since 2012, the luxury of high growth for many years began to fall, but Michael Kors revenue of up to $ 2.182 billion in 2011 earnings of only $ 803 million in 2012 to $ 1.302 billion, which means that, 2011-2013 fiscal year, the annual compound growth rate of up to 64.8% Michael Kors, we know the same period boss Coach light extravagant annual compound growth rate of only 10%.

Much better to invest on hermes birkin than on gold

Hermes platinum package is the brand of a series. Its name comes from the famous British singer Jane Platinum (Jane Birkin).

Jane had platinum Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas complain can not find a sophisticated and practical package, so Jean-Louis Dumas will be specially designed for her this bag.

Statistics show that Hermes Platinum package price is typically $ 100,000 to hundreds of thousands, ranging from the cost price and the auction price comparison can be seen, if the vision is good enough, with a pack turned millionaire is also possible.

“The world’s most precious handbag” eventually sold for 1.6 million yuan of the price! This report, “New York Times” Web site, wrote:

Let stand seats only auction hall full of people, mostly from mainland China, there are a few from China Taiwan and Japan collectors, they brought excitement, look forward to viewing auction.

Auction hosted by Christie’s global CEO Yossi Peel Canyon, bidders soon the price of platinum package pulled up to US $ 128,679 (about 845,000 yuan).

New clothes and bags for seasons change

“Military clothing is the fashion this part.” Like Marc Jacobs put it. In recent years, the uniform style appear in major fashion show, has intensified the trend, most people are all impressed by the large pockets that strong silhouette, high waist belt uniform, and symmetrical, with a strong sense of Sgt spiritual character.

And evolved into our daily lives, but those of British Gas smart badge, it appears on many people’s denim jacket or baseball jackets, but the fashion world has always been the “appearance extract” those decent, correct badge in the designer’s hands, and gradually turned into dramatic, stickers printed with a personal touch and very funny.

Emphasize individuality, this is in line with our current indicators of life. And “clothing posted” appears, so that “private exclusive custom” into a fun and easy thing, we need to do, is a good selection of stickers printed with his name, lucky numbers of letters, and even longer some with their own image of cartoon images, paste them on clothes, bags, mobile phone shell, enabling “private custom.”