A kind of bag only women can understand

Tote Bag Chinese transliteration “tote bag”, whose origins date back to the 17th century original, the final outbreak of epidemic in the 20th century. In English, Tote originally a verb meaning “to carry”, literally, is to use something heavier hand. Later, Tote evolved into a noun, which means that a bag package, generally refers to the capacity of the larger bag.

At first, the women go out with a bag to hold things like food, so more Tote Bag nylon, canvas and other materials made of, and later developed into luxury leather goods, leather using only become popular. 2015 spring and summer, the Hong Kong fashion brand LETABOU heavy launch exclusive original star product LETABOU Tote Bag, that is all leather build, to attain quality workmanship, more trendy.

LETABOU brand design director, the famous French designer Laurent Vigneron decade or study Chinese culture, well versed in Chinese women’s fashion psychology. Talking LETABOU Tote Bag is designed, Laurent said package in Europe and America to open more, almost no inner bag rugged design mainly reserved style is not suitable for Asian women. After the fall as children put everything into the bag, to search through the whole bag to find a key or will a pack of paper towels gadgets, when this situation occurs it will seem awkward and helpless, and even affect mood. LETABOU Tote Bag closed design, optimization plus inside the compartment, just so that all items have their places, to restore a well-organized interior space.

Exclusively Limited Collections from Michael Kors

On April 11, 2016, Hong Kong – Michael Kors together the world’s leading luxury travel retailer DFS’s T square, in April this year launched an exclusive Michael Kors limited selection of series. Contains handbags, watches and jewelry sets a series of limited edition fine accessories, are inspired by travel enthusiasts. This series will be available for sale in the heart of Auckland, Bali, Guam, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore DFS’s T square.

“DFS This can work Michael Kors, Exclusively for our customers this limited selection of series and two popular travel and fashion elements into one, and we’re very excited.” DFS Group, fashion, food and gifts Isabelle Fevrier, executive vice president, said, “whether consumers visiting Hawaii or Hong Kong shop, we firmly believe that, when they travel to explore the high-end lifestyle will love this series.”

The series includes a limited selection of leather handbag chain The Jet Set Messenger as well as gold and rose gold Two-Tone watch and necklace sets, the price of about HK $ 2,700 to HK $ 2,800 million.

The Jet Set Messenger bag: the pursuit of the trend of women, this bag has plenty of storage space given is their first choice. Chain shoulder belt, and more inside of the bag and stylish design can allow carriers to easily manage commuting, appointments, and other occasions. This bag is available in three season valuables show featuring pastel colors.

Teach you how to buy the bag with increasing value

Hermes platinum package is the brand of a series. Its name comes from the famous British singer Jane Platinum (JaneBirkin). Jane had platinum Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas complain can not find a sophisticated and practical package, so Jean-Louis Dumas will be specially designed for her this bag.

In fact, not all of the platinum package has a resale value of speculation. Only when the leather, the color of gold and diamond accessories are not common, only platinum package changed hands easily sell at high prices. Birkin bag from the introductory paragraph to the upgraded version of the roughly five sizes (25,30,35,40,5055cm), including a variety of leather cowhide, goatskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, ostrich skin, lizard skin Wait. Generally priced between $ 1.05 million to $ 15 million.

According to foreign luxury goods online retail platform Baghunter data show that the S & P 500 index and the gold rally annual decline varies, but Hermes Platinum package with an average annual value growth of 14.2%. There’s even data show: even in a recession and difficult times, the value of platinum package has yet to fall.

Throughout this year’s auction market, luxury bags often shoot sky-high price, like the famous American actress Elizabeth Taylor diamond-studded gold handbag in December 2011 Christie’s New York auction for $ 218,500 (about RMB 1.354 million yuan) broke the record at the time of the auction.

Attractive red bags catch your eyes

In China red symbolizes good luck and better, a lot of people like to wear red on the body, especially in the New Year holidays, red seems to be able to bring their own happiness and good luck. But the warm red worn clothing Q may be too high, the average person is very difficult to wear clothing with red fashion sense, but the red bag is not the same, as long as a red bag slung body, suck instant eye lift rate, so you can be more visible in the vast crowd, sexier, more fashionable.

Summer, cool fresh and simple dress can be described as the first choice for fashion girls. However, if you have thought about how to dress more eye-catching fashionable minimalist style? In fact, a simple red bag will allow you to enhance the shape of fashion sense. Whether small Size mini shoulder bag or gas field full of wealthy red hand bag, can make your style instant “hot” eyes, bursting with fashion sense! The most important thing is that during the Olympic Games in Rio, though you do not time arrived at the scene to cheer for the Chinese Olympic athletes, but do whatever you can do, such as buying a red bag for the Chinese Olympic athletes refuel with a touch of red, with your mind light up your life, you may wish to try test!

Well, since then the eye-catching red bag, and you are just so fond of, but with the bag, how to match my clothes, can I get my overall shape is more fashionable and layering it? At this time, went to Danby slavery fashion outfit classes in time, you want beautiful fashionable female children’s shoes and quickly take good position seriously Get up! the next fashion Icon is you.

We all know that red represents the warm, representing bold, representing the romantic and sexy, gives a very sunny and cheerful feeling, very far away, can feel full of energy. Danby slave fashion handbags for the red has a unique perspective, but also can use red bag designed to bring consumers the full sense of fashion. In Danby slave DAMBOLO bag with Scripture, red bag with black, white, yellow, blue and green colors of clothes with the most, with the most fashionable shape having a degree.