Ladies queuing up to buy Hermes bags

Hermes is the most aristocratic style of the brand, with a Hermes Platinum package is every woman’s dream, is a status symbol of wealth. However, money can not buy platinum package. Whether show off their wealth and the Red Mei-US or Taiwan ladies Sun Yun-yun, or Victoria Beckham, Hermes is a big fan.

In 1956, pregnant Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) Princess, in order to hide the growing belly bulge, buy the largest size Hermes bag (then still called the Kelly Bag), this detail is captured American magazine “Life” , which was published on the cover of Princess Grace Kelly, which took a large size crocodile leather bag, leaving it pregnant body pictures, showing generous and elegant style. This memorable photo. Hermes set off a wave, and from which bags will be renamed Kelly, and be famous in the world

Hermes Platinum package Platinum package famous Hermes handbag money “Birkin” bag (Hermes Birkin) is named after the French star Jane Birkin. 1986 listing of the Hermes “Birkin” bag (Hermes Birkin) is the fifth president of Hermes-inspired design and French actress Jane Birkin encounter in a trip generated by the larger size, more casual free and easy.

Michael Kors 2016 early autumn series

Wake-up indigo tone heart of Malibu Beach and the infinite blue ocean reveries. Classic pleated collision tannins, Enchanting; cowboy applied sailor pants, shirt dress, personality self. Slim jacket with fine cut fine cut navy coat due to light if a feather cotton cloth and revitalized. Gown and dresses trimmed with ruffles, interesting Plaid and floral patterns, will give the West Coast casual fine aesthetics. Lazy lacing straw sandals quiet comfortable, and clothing side by side.

Michael Kors Collection Release 2016 women’s early autumn series, based on the mix and match modern fashion, into the practical design of romanticism, the collision with the male female romantic charm whims inclusive spark.

Michael Kors Collection in early autumn series, hollow and gentle lace intertwined, creating quiet lazy style dresses. Silk dress series decorate dawn and night, filling goddess style. Soft and comfortable dress skirts Smart and elegant, creating amorous gestures between. Slim short coat jacket and trousers with a neat, full of neutral charm. Sheer skirt swaying, write early autumn romance.

In terms of design, Michael Kors Collection series early autumn flowers everywhere chic silhouette with charming diamond embroidery details at. Delicate feathers and natural flowers accessories, gift exquisite detail romantic beauty. In this season, by redefining classic black and white geometric elements, filling the modern fashion.

Become fashion only by a few popular papers

The past two years, more play pang military style, in autumn and winter 2016 show floor we find a lot of big names have the lens at a military air, and slowly evolved into daily life to those who possessed exquisite feelings like medals , people gradually turned into a medal these lovely, funny and even some mischievous printing stickers to decorate our clothes and bags. Can instantly make your costume, not a single product becomes monotonous, fresh and creative personality color added thereto have fun. Super Meng shoes and bags
The second element of this feeling can be popular this year, the design of ultra-Meng Funny interesting, whether it is in his hand on the bag or wear in the feet Meng Meng da shoes, the mood has changed for better. Decorative rage Anya Hindmarch “Ebury” on a black leather handbag with childlike embossing pattern, which was inspired by the colorful stickers to personalize the design to designer brands childhood hobby tribute. After this second element Directions welcomed by the public, with great success Anya Hindmarch while the iron is actually a series of leather sticker can be affixed anywhere brain hole wide open, as long as you think you can come up to the second element style. The influx of people are playing crazy, the bags are all wacky fun stickers, sudden, Anya Hindmarch stickers rushing world, a street shooting in the most dazzling single product.
Where can I buy

These stickers variety, of different sizes in the 35-55 euro price range, which is more than two hundred yuan can buy a leather sticker, more affordable than to buy a bag, you can play easily imagine stickers, bags bags, cell phone housing, clothes, pants, where stick where want to paste. But you have to think your words, a treasure, there are many models Made in China. Having said that, we take a look at the final outcome DIY it! Really adorable and funny, global popularity, give your equipment a new coat for the body!

Bags loved by international super models

Compared to the domestic actress locker change package as the frequency of foreign supermodel bags I do not care too old, as long as the package will fall in love with a long, often they will see the back with a bag out to the streets, more attention bags of practicality, of course, is also a lot of fashion sense. Take a look at the highest rate of first-line supermodel bags out to the streets What?

Guards color value, a pair of enviable big legs, coupled with high clothing items, ask who else? Out and captured the hearts of people every minute, although willing to look out to the streets a lot of beans, but do not be the hook to the soul, willing beans simple “simple” bag is the key, which several willing beans favorite bag, You will be able to pick a fashionable start the season!

The Givenchy Bow-cut mini bean bag Ken won grace, glossy leather very broad sense, with the iconic cross pattern design, regardless of cold or charm look can easily hold live, it is no wonder Ken will leave BEAN BAG hand.

In addition to Bow-cut mini handbag, this bag is willing Lucrezia’s favorite beans, cute mini Ken number beans have several colors to change the ride, wild black, pink and very cute. The mini bag is willing rare bean bag section will start with her empty-handed either directly or is practical large bag out to the streets, rarely with small, visible beans willing to love this mini package. Season does not change the package? Line supermodel favorite grilled bags for you to see of course the same paragraph large tote appearance rate is very high, very practical and a variety of shapes can hold live, Ken beans a charade: a backpack hanging accessories only fashionable!