It is not easy for light luxury to do business now

“Light extravagance (Affordable Luxury) in the form of a fixed phrase is not long, asked Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Agnes.b blessing, this” luxury light “concept was quickly spread. In the 2008 financial crisis hit Europe and a great end the consumer market, as well as Chinese luxury consumption began to flourish and differentiation of those years, these brand price advantage quickly lose ground.

The most obvious is Michael Kors. Listed since 2011, Michael Kors will launch high-speed outlets worldwide expansion – light positive valence number of stores in 2011 almost doubled; plus Outlet stores at the time the policy is quite effective – in each shopping village opened discount stores sell special contributions to further reduce the barriers to entry for later; Mindless styles – you can always see the shadow of a certain brand of luxury handbags in its bag, but the price is only the latter third of the one. All these policies greatly stimulated the brand’s sales. 2012 gross profit increased 73.4% up to the brand.

But now you be concerned about Michael Kors, positive news is not too much, because you can find the answer from this chart above. Plus 2015 Kate Spade Kate Spade Saturday decks graduation line, gross margin increased from 46% in 2012 down to 10.8% in 2014, the same trend as before.

Michael Kors local stores needs to be updated

Michael Kors net profit decline has been going on for a long time, but the latest quarterly financial results, Michael Kors embarrassment more serious.

From Michael Kors Group released financial results, ended July 2, 2016 the group released the fiscal 2017 first quarter results, Michael Kors Group’s net profit fell by 15.7% over last year, only $ 147 million, was recorded in addition to retail net sales rose 7.6%, the Michael Kors other sales for the quarter were down data, including year-store sales fell 7.4 percent, less than analysts expected.

Light extravagance was once the darling of Wall Street’s eyes, however, is not only Michael Kors, or the United States, another light luxury brand Kate Spade, recent financial performance are poor, in addition to highlighting the outside light luxury foam, retailing has become a drag on its upgrade lag another factor performance.

Time to return two years ago, that time, when Michael Kors announced 2013 annual earnings report, the luxury fashion circles and circles, as the Michael Kors is “Public Enemies.” You know, since 2012, the luxury of high growth for many years began to fall, but Michael Kors revenue of up to $ 2.182 billion in 2011 earnings of only $ 803 million in 2012 to $ 1.302 billion, which means that, 2011-2013 fiscal year, the annual compound growth rate of up to 64.8% Michael Kors, we know the same period boss Coach light extravagant annual compound growth rate of only 10%.

Michael Kors watches combines luxury fashion design and technology

Smart watch wave continues to spread, the US designer Michael Kors also issued a new smart watch Michael Kors Access series, combining luxury fashion style design and technologies, and Google’s Android Wear? Operating system, support both iPhone and Android phones, to personalize the experience of everyday life, but also with the needs and importance of information life followed closely.

This series presented on the screen conversion selection function watch, and change its color screen display, face plate switch the display amounted to hundreds of options. Its touch face plate design, provide, including social media, SMS, instant messaging and email notifications, and the use of urban App notification messages, Google Instant feature and built-in tracking health management, but also the appearance of leather and replaceable silicone strap options .

This new series has, through the famous American singer and model Martha Hunt to join Zendaya shot Michael Kors Access videos, fashion show & Accessories will be integrated into the daily life of women and modern conveniences.

Michael Kors launched its own smart watches

Offensive intelligent fashion brand watch industry is nothing new, either GUCCI cooperation and independent style, or like HERMÈS focus to introduce more Apple Watch strap, or is Diane von Furstenberg coming with Google Glass that limit, are people left a deep impression. So always eager Michael Kors also said to do, and released the news at this year’s Basel watch section, but until recently, Michael Kors was officially put the actual product pushed to the front of consumers.

The introduction of the smart watch men and women have one each, that are published by the Basel Access series, in line with the overall design are suitable when the original announcement said the workplace casual style, but also inherited the brand has been good tonality. Men named Dylan, the main sports and leisure style, 46mm, silicone strap emphasizes texture; women’s watches is called Bradshaw, is exquisite sense of the all-metal, 44.5mm, and the design of this table and the Ritz Michael Kors watch very similar, at least not worry about the degree of fashion and easy to take on the extent.

Both systems are based on Android Wear watch operating system, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 SoC processor, 4 GB of storage space, built-in microphone, with acceleration sensors, gyroscopes and low energy Bluetooth 4.1. On life issues of concern, Michael Kors watch these two design 360 mAh battery, I can guarantee one to two days of battery life.

Teach you how to buy the bag with increasing value

Hermes platinum package is the brand of a series. Its name comes from the famous British singer Jane Platinum (JaneBirkin). Jane had platinum Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas complain can not find a sophisticated and practical package, so Jean-Louis Dumas will be specially designed for her this bag.

In fact, not all of the platinum package has a resale value of speculation. Only when the leather, the color of gold and diamond accessories are not common, only platinum package changed hands easily sell at high prices. Birkin bag from the introductory paragraph to the upgraded version of the roughly five sizes (25,30,35,40,5055cm), including a variety of leather cowhide, goatskin, pigskin, and more precious crocodile leather, ostrich skin, lizard skin Wait. Generally priced between $ 1.05 million to $ 15 million.

According to foreign luxury goods online retail platform Baghunter data show that the S & P 500 index and the gold rally annual decline varies, but Hermes Platinum package with an average annual value growth of 14.2%. There’s even data show: even in a recession and difficult times, the value of platinum package has yet to fall.

Throughout this year’s auction market, luxury bags often shoot sky-high price, like the famous American actress Elizabeth Taylor diamond-studded gold handbag in December 2011 Christie’s New York auction for $ 218,500 (about RMB 1.354 million yuan) broke the record at the time of the auction.

Become fashion only by a few popular papers

The past two years, more play pang military style, in autumn and winter 2016 show floor we find a lot of big names have the lens at a military air, and slowly evolved into daily life to those who possessed exquisite feelings like medals , people gradually turned into a medal these lovely, funny and even some mischievous printing stickers to decorate our clothes and bags. Can instantly make your costume, not a single product becomes monotonous, fresh and creative personality color added thereto have fun. Super Meng shoes and bags
The second element of this feeling can be popular this year, the design of ultra-Meng Funny interesting, whether it is in his hand on the bag or wear in the feet Meng Meng da shoes, the mood has changed for better. Decorative rage Anya Hindmarch “Ebury” on a black leather handbag with childlike embossing pattern, which was inspired by the colorful stickers to personalize the design to designer brands childhood hobby tribute. After this second element Directions welcomed by the public, with great success Anya Hindmarch while the iron is actually a series of leather sticker can be affixed anywhere brain hole wide open, as long as you think you can come up to the second element style. The influx of people are playing crazy, the bags are all wacky fun stickers, sudden, Anya Hindmarch stickers rushing world, a street shooting in the most dazzling single product.
Where can I buy

These stickers variety, of different sizes in the 35-55 euro price range, which is more than two hundred yuan can buy a leather sticker, more affordable than to buy a bag, you can play easily imagine stickers, bags bags, cell phone housing, clothes, pants, where stick where want to paste. But you have to think your words, a treasure, there are many models Made in China. Having said that, we take a look at the final outcome DIY it! Really adorable and funny, global popularity, give your equipment a new coat for the body!

Luxury brand bags bought overseas

In terms of shopping time, Chongqing overseas shopping is more active at night. The report will ocean pier overseas shopping time Internet users with Internet users daily access time distribution comparison, the former spending time and daily online time curve substantially similar, but relatively routine access relatively smooth curve, Chongqing overseas shopping at 10: 00,14: 22:00 00 and there have been three peaks, and the night active longer. The proportion of men and women in terms of the purchase, 70% of women with a predominance of males accounted for 30%. In the past the European Cup during the people’s consumption, for example, sports shoes, sports team uniforms and peripheral product sales soared, where Adidas sales growth of nearly 400% over the same period the previous month, a marked increase in the number of single periods at night.

In addition to overseas shopping category common skin care beauty, shoes, bags and other apparel, character Chongqing hot in the purchase of overseas strange new products outside had also been very active, with five home southwest region. Chongqing specialty products occupy the top three list latex pillows from Thailand, Australia and Turkey beeswax lamp.

China Electronic Commerce Research Center of the Chinese Commercial News reporter Biao Shi Ren Caolei, from this report, we can clearly see that consumer demand for sea Amoy just a commodity of a commodity, but penetrated into all aspects of life, such as there are daily use mask, luxury, and some strange new commodity. In terms of categories of goods, on the one hand it is a diversified consumer goods, on the other hand consumers demand more and more show personalized features, not Zhuangshan, do not hit the bag, with its own distinct personality color items increasingly become more demand for people to buy where.

Deng Wei loves buying fashion bags

Joking aside, in the eyes of the coaches, Tang Wei really serious training, game performance and stability, the world record to win, are “planned” thing. In fact, the life of Deng Wei is tidal, although 10-year-old began to lift weights, but in addition to weightlifting, and her age, this girl is not much different.

“I would rather spend money, a mobile phone is changing relatively frequently, there is much more to buy a bag, in Beijing hostel more fit, will return home to Fujian, then buy buy buy, anyway, nice to see the bag could not help. “Tang Wei comes to buy a package, once full of ideas,” actually, I also bought a lot of dresses, but no chance to wear. usually wear jeans more, pour a little bit embarrassed to wear skirts a. ”

Rio came to Tang Wei, specially dyed purple hair, pierced ears wearing a carefully prepared three small earrings, “is sorry not to be a nail.” Tang Wei, told reporters that “temporary day I come want to do, the result of long lines, no make, it seems the future to plan as early as possible. “

Much better to invest on hermes birkin than on gold

Hermes platinum package is the brand of a series. Its name comes from the famous British singer Jane Platinum (Jane Birkin).

Jane had platinum Hermes CEO Jean-Louis Dumas complain can not find a sophisticated and practical package, so Jean-Louis Dumas will be specially designed for her this bag.

Statistics show that Hermes Platinum package price is typically $ 100,000 to hundreds of thousands, ranging from the cost price and the auction price comparison can be seen, if the vision is good enough, with a pack turned millionaire is also possible.

“The world’s most precious handbag” eventually sold for 1.6 million yuan of the price! This report, “New York Times” Web site, wrote:

Let stand seats only auction hall full of people, mostly from mainland China, there are a few from China Taiwan and Japan collectors, they brought excitement, look forward to viewing auction.

Auction hosted by Christie’s global CEO Yossi Peel Canyon, bidders soon the price of platinum package pulled up to US $ 128,679 (about 845,000 yuan).

4 bags with different colours were bought in summer

Want bags is the key element in the United States and the United States this summer, the street alone beautiful clothes naturally is not enough to choose a sophisticated and eye-catching. From the year’s most popular crystal powder, quiet blue, the fresh white and gorgeous rainbow …… more brands to “curry favor” female audience have launched a colorful section of the package, it is hard to resist. Want simple and elegant dress appears to have spirit, with a bright pink color handbag can; want to print dress more attractive, highly saturated color lines bag most of the board; even the hot season tannins money on clothing with color bag is also more exciting. How, the beauty of the posters do not hurry to start a Girl?

The rise of the minimalist white pinnacle. Clean, simple, pure, a white bag can easily Hold live all four seasons dress. With black pants, you can not be a classic; with a white dress is refreshing doubled. The only caution is that easy to dirty white handbag without staining, girls, always ready “with their lives to protect” Your white handbag!

The warm red clothes to wear body may be too high Q, or take a look at how the influx of people love red poured it in the bag. Whether more than usual low-key, as long as a red handbag can ensure that you are more eye-catching, more sexy, more fashionable. If you want to increase the mature charm, simply select only a simple type of handbags, revel in the natural flavor of this woman. In addition to being blooming red, burgundy retro, vibrant orange is a popular color in spring and summer.

It is cold blue color clean and comfortable, always frequent street shooting. Light blue bag elegant free and comfortable as the sky; navy blue bags added a touch of dazzling charm; and denim blue bag not only wild whims more playful. Summer can also try blue packet with a white dress, do a beautiful goddess.