Spend so much money buying a broken dior bag

Recently, Ms. Gao who lives in Mudanjiang to the newspaper reflected her last July in Harbin Mackay center to buy a card worth 160 yuan Dior handbag, but the package has not been surface-drum kits, discolored. She repeated to the stores sales staff to reflect the quality of the package failed to solve. After the intervention area of ​​market supervision department, Ms. Gao merchants to replace a new package.

Ms. Gao said, July 16, she was in Harbin Mackay head office first floor Dior counter, bought a $ 160 million rose red patent leather chain bag. More than a month later, wrapping paper and bag buckle chain bag film above have not thrown off the front of the pack on patent leather from seven or eight different sizes of bubbles, bubble dark blue, far looks like is dyed, the touch but do not feel there are uneven areas.

Ms. Gao said, buy a home after the package has not been opened to use, display cabinets at home when the furnishings. “At the August 18, accidental discovery packet positive patent leather has been blistering, I immediately through micro letter to the counter sales staff to reflect package quality problems have emerged, but the sales staff said packet problems are man-made used or stored improperly, there is air conditioning may be damp lead pack, or other colored items into a bag together cause staining, and since the bag is patent leather can not be repaired, but also after the warranty period of one month, they have no other approach. ”

Sept. 2, Ms. Gao came to buy the package where the business is already Withdraw, Ms. Gao find Mackay mall official, a floor person in charge of the headquarters of Harbin Mackay received Ms. Gao. The floor person in charge, said in early August Dior counters Mackay has Withdraw, and the after-sales service are transferred to Harbin Charter Shopping Centre. Miss Yu Shigao the case to hang District Hashi Siu Lun market supervision and management.

Attractive red bags catch your eyes

In China red symbolizes good luck and better, a lot of people like to wear red on the body, especially in the New Year holidays, red seems to be able to bring their own happiness and good luck. But the warm red worn clothing Q may be too high, the average person is very difficult to wear clothing with red fashion sense, but the red bag is not the same, as long as a red bag slung body, suck instant eye lift rate, so you can be more visible in the vast crowd, sexier, more fashionable.

Summer, cool fresh and simple dress can be described as the first choice for fashion girls. However, if you have thought about how to dress more eye-catching fashionable minimalist style? In fact, a simple red bag will allow you to enhance the shape of fashion sense. Whether small Size mini shoulder bag or gas field full of wealthy red hand bag, can make your style instant “hot” eyes, bursting with fashion sense! The most important thing is that during the Olympic Games in Rio, though you do not time arrived at the scene to cheer for the Chinese Olympic athletes, but do whatever you can do, such as buying a red bag for the Chinese Olympic athletes refuel with a touch of red, with your mind light up your life, you may wish to try test!

Well, since then the eye-catching red bag, and you are just so fond of, but with the bag, how to match my clothes, can I get my overall shape is more fashionable and layering it? At this time, went to Danby slavery fashion outfit classes in time, you want beautiful fashionable female children’s shoes and quickly take good position seriously Get up! the next fashion Icon is you.

We all know that red represents the warm, representing bold, representing the romantic and sexy, gives a very sunny and cheerful feeling, very far away, can feel full of energy. Danby slave fashion handbags for the red has a unique perspective, but also can use red bag designed to bring consumers the full sense of fashion. In Danby slave DAMBOLO bag with Scripture, red bag with black, white, yellow, blue and green colors of clothes with the most, with the most fashionable shape having a degree.

Bags loved by international super models

Compared to the domestic actress locker change package as the frequency of foreign supermodel bags I do not care too old, as long as the package will fall in love with a long, often they will see the back with a bag out to the streets, more attention bags of practicality, of course, is also a lot of fashion sense. Take a look at the highest rate of first-line supermodel bags out to the streets What?

Guards color value, a pair of enviable big legs, coupled with high clothing items, ask who else? Out and captured the hearts of people every minute, although willing to look out to the streets a lot of beans, but do not be the hook to the soul, willing beans simple “simple” bag is the key, which several willing beans favorite bag, You will be able to pick a fashionable start the season!

The Givenchy Bow-cut mini bean bag Ken won grace, glossy leather very broad sense, with the iconic cross pattern design, regardless of cold or charm look can easily hold live, it is no wonder Ken will leave BEAN BAG hand.

In addition to Bow-cut mini handbag, this bag is willing Lucrezia’s favorite beans, cute mini Ken number beans have several colors to change the ride, wild black, pink and very cute. The mini bag is willing rare bean bag section will start with her empty-handed either directly or is practical large bag out to the streets, rarely with small, visible beans willing to love this mini package. Season does not change the package? Line supermodel favorite grilled bags for you to see of course the same paragraph large tote appearance rate is very high, very practical and a variety of shapes can hold live, Ken beans a charade: a backpack hanging accessories only fashionable!

Bag could rich your life in different ways

The bag is not affordable dress, also can reflect a woman’s fashion sense. From a woman can be seen carrying the bag of her accomplishment and taste. And in the bag market, the number of different design styles always meet in the many tastes and preferences. And as always gorgeous design can be used with the festive mood, the use value of the bag is divided into several classifications embodied.

Canvas bag often reflect the pristine national mark, usually have a wooden handle reflected green. Multi-colored designs showcase the rich, sharp colors. Always make people put it down like a pair of jeans, it is difficult to enjoy the old-fashioned feeling.

Clad always with jazzy rock, beautiful original totem pattern reflecting the charm of the temptation to make enough to buy the package by lumbering step, until ownership.

Oversized purses for practical born, massive and spacious design reflects the unrestrained. Suitable for long distance travel, carrying many objects at the same time, you can show your own style young age.

Time for changing your bag style in autumn

The cool autumn want to be delicate, funny fashionable street beauty, how little had Polka Dot elements plus it? Classic black dots on the classic black and white matched, full of retro stylish atmosphere, a strong sense of presence to let You instantly stand out in the crowd. Whether clutch or shoulder bag, we can show the greatest degree of practicality and fashion bags. A shoulder bag to meet all your travel, a U-shaped arm in arm to take the package to meet all of your party, and the classic black and white stitching, can meet all your entire fall outfit.

There is a fashion called simple, there is a travel called stay away, there is a way of shopping called buy buy buy buy. In this day is spent in the crowded metropolis and the queue, it is time for their own burdens, and then from a small fresh bag started! Although small in size, although the style is simple, but it is the best season stylish, and most make you feel more relaxed and enjoyable. Pink is a lovely, classic black and gray. And when her boyfriend dating, you can get a big pink bag, and instantly captured her boyfriend’s heart; when shopping with friends and colleagues get together, you can get a large black or gray bags, so simple to become your fashion statement.

Blue like a clear stream, always seems to bring us full of positive energy and full of fashion sense. Each girl will have a particular favorite of his own bags, bags for girls is not just to hold things, you can use the bag to match your clothes, this season is also very popular in the blue bag, hurry to start a paragraph blue bag!

New clothes and bags for seasons change

“Military clothing is the fashion this part.” Like Marc Jacobs put it. In recent years, the uniform style appear in major fashion show, has intensified the trend, most people are all impressed by the large pockets that strong silhouette, high waist belt uniform, and symmetrical, with a strong sense of Sgt spiritual character.

And evolved into our daily lives, but those of British Gas smart badge, it appears on many people’s denim jacket or baseball jackets, but the fashion world has always been the “appearance extract” those decent, correct badge in the designer’s hands, and gradually turned into dramatic, stickers printed with a personal touch and very funny.

Emphasize individuality, this is in line with our current indicators of life. And “clothing posted” appears, so that “private exclusive custom” into a fun and easy thing, we need to do, is a good selection of stickers printed with his name, lucky numbers of letters, and even longer some with their own image of cartoon images, paste them on clothes, bags, mobile phone shell, enabling “private custom.”

“Fast fashion” sweeps across the world

In recent years, the rise of an increasingly fashion bags with “fast, new variety” as the main features of the “fast fashion” style, this trend fast sweeping the world, and the rapid rise in the country, led the domestic fashion trend . Colorful life Pijuxiangbao fast fashion brand always follow seasonal fashion, new to the store very quickly, changing the window display frequency is about one and a half months.

Today’s “fast fashion” era of fast food and “seeking speed” exactly the same characteristics. Product updates quickly, so that the pursuit of fashion crowd rush. The colorful life as a Chinese leather industry to join the fashion brand bags, always chasing the international fashion trend. To bring you the latest in cloth bags of information, it is also always concerned about the trend of world development.

Colorful life as a fast fashion brand bags. We must be the first time to bring consumers the latest and hottest information. Unable to instantly store for consumers, network platform can compensate for this, the official website of the official micro-channel platform and can make life colorful love colorful life of consumers to receive our global forefront of fashion fashion information gathered for the first time , never backward.

Colorful life in the future will make full use of the Internet across geographies, vast amounts of information, massive user advantages, while customer resources to fully tap the line, and the seamless integration of the store network platform, to achieve human-computer interaction, and the family of online shopping store consumers embrace the bosom, and marketing zero dead. I believe this can greatly save the time and cost of consumer shopping, to provide more quality products and services.

Leading the fashion forefront of dining

Nord cup steak taste unique, handmade freshly prepared dishes, steak Cup in Korea market to meet the people’s consumption demand, exclusive Korean cuisine cup steak restaurant continues to lead the forefront of fashion, clear color, smell and taste everything delicious will in the country Korean food is still new set off again, this steak Cup Korea exclusive secret, not only the image of novel fashion, food and drink is not wrong to eat goods essential, and modulation of taste novel fashion, the success of attracting the attention of consumers, Nord steak cups, flexible investment Quick doubled.

Joined Nordisk steak Cup advantages are clear. First, Nord more international perspective on the brand, the introduction of popular Nordisk headquarters to send someone on the domestic market of Korean cuisine, steak and drink a cup of gourmet experience wonderful feeling together, so there is not a general restaurant innovative ideas. Followed by a variety of delicacies, abundant cup of steak Nordisk products, the market is far from comparable to any imitators. A steak Nordisk Cup, will eat, drink polymerization one, lower the upper steak cup drinks, saying the kind of steak Cup on dizzying, Han cup cold steak, T-bone steak cups, cup filet mignon, rib eye steak Cup, as long as we know steaks cup varieties can be found in Arnold. Lower drink even more dazzling, dozens of kinds of drinks only to fully meet the needs of consumers. Any combination of up and down, a combination of changing every day so that you do not eat the same food. Nord cup steak from ingredients taken out to buy food, the whole standard operation, reject any additives. Nord cup steak sauce used strictly secret sauce Korea, unique taste, can not be copied. Because of this unique sauces, but also makes wherever Nord store can maintain the unique taste, thousands of shops blindly, so that every food lovers can enjoy Nordisk full sincerity.

Nord steak cup nutritional balance, all ages, whether anyone is impossible not to fall in love with such a simple innovation and nutrition both cuisine. Nord popularity in the city’s fashionable family, lazy race, ethnic cafes these populations is high. Joined Nordisk steak Cup, so start logical. Nord steak cup to break the routine, stylish and creative, multi-cuisine tastes retraction control the market success of this project steak Cup business opportunities, products, market support, continues to introduce new headquarters, Nord steak cup, no wind, no risk pocketed gold barrel. You are interested in the project, then you can call 24-hour hotline or visit the official website to learn more about!